Extended Family Case Study

Every day Lillian checks her blood pressure from home. She records this daily in a notebook and then carries the notebook to and from her doctor visits. On her way to one of her doctor visits she realized she had forgotten her notebook. Julie her granddaughter comes to visit her every week and notices the notebook. Julie explains, “Nana you should download an app called Tobi. It will help you keep track of your daily recordings and you can also write notes about that day, so you can remember to tell the doctor.” Lillian loved the idea because she always has her iPhone on her and knew this would help her better keep track of her blood pressure. Not only can she record her blood pressure daily, but she can also set reminders just in case it slips her mind on some days. On the way to her next doctor’s appointment she didn’t have to worry about bringing her notebook because all of her information was in her phone on the tobi app. As our grandparents get older we want them to be the healthiest they can and live life to the fullest!