Parkinson’s Patient/Doctor Case Study

Ten years ago, Bill was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Over the past two years, Bill has become increasingly debilitated by the disorder and even has difficulty going to his doctor’s appointments. On good days, Bill will take his prescribed medication three times a day, nap, and walk around the pond in his backyard. On bad days, the medicine will randomly cause him to become agitated and belligerent, leading him to refuse to take the other doses, get in the car, or behave normally in the grocery store. When they are able to see the neurologist, his wife and caretaker, Janice, has difficulty remembering how many good days and bad days there have been, how many times Bill forgot to take to his medicine, and any strange behaviors he has exhibited.

Dr. Fox had recently begun using Tobi with another one of his patients and suggested that  Janice download it on her phone so that she could track what days Bill did take the medicine, what days he didn’t and any aggressive or unusual behaviors he exhibits. At the end of each week, Janice could send an email to Dr. Fox through the app with all the information she wasn’t able to remember in the appointments. With a more complete set of data, Dr. Fox can make more accurate diagnosis and better address Bill’s medical needs and make necessary adjustments to his medication or recommenda or a different treatment schedule.

Three months since downloading the app, the side effects of Bill’s medicine have exponentially lessened. By looking at the weekly reports, Dr. Fox was able to determine that only having Bill take his medicine twice a day produced more good days. Since beginning the new schedule, Janice feels more comfortable about going into public with Bill, and doesn’t worry that a flare up will suddenly occur. They’re able to enjoy more quality time watching birds near their pond, and finish their grocery shopping in just one trip.