Personal Trainer/Client Case Study

Lauren wants to be a professional fitness competitor. Lauren has always worked out and eats healthy, but she wants to train for a goal. Competing in a fitness competition requires hard work and dedication. She is training for a competition in March 2017. At her local gym she has hired a trainer, meet Hunter! Hunter is there to help guide her to take the necessary steps to meet her goal and be ready for her first competition.

Through Tobi Hunter and Lauren can work together to develop weekly tasks and workout schedules that work best for Lauren and her schedule. Hunter meets with Lauren twice a week, but Hunter expects Lauren to stay on track with the weekly tasks that he assigns her in Tobi. Every week will vary with different cardio and workout routines. Hunter can view when Lauren completes the tasks and can track her progress. Every Friday Lauren emails her weekly task report to Hunter for him to see her progress. With Tobi and Hunter, Lauren is on her way to winning her first fitness competition.